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Policies & Procedures


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Hours Of Operation & Ordering

Horizonparts.com is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your ordering convenience. Immediately after the completion and submission of your web order, we will send you an email order acknowledgement outlining what we will send you, when and how we will ship it. Later, when the order actually ships and is transferred to a carrier, we will send you an invoice with the order information, any shipping charges fees, and carrier tracking number.

Technical Sales Desk hours are 6:00am to 5:00pm (Arizona Time), Monday through Friday. Please note that we do not observe Daylight Savings Time. There are many ways to place your order with us apart from using the vast resources of our websites. You may call 1-800-874-7727 and work directly with one of our professional sales associates, or you may fax your order to 1-800-234-7894 24 hours a day. You may also e-mail your order to orders@horizonparts.com.

For most shipments where our standard carrier can be used, we offer same-day shipping for orders received by Noon, local warehouse time. We may not be able to ship the same day for very large orders or orders requiring a non-standard carrier. We make every effort to ship your order as quickly as possible. Stock orders made after Noon or on a non-business day, will be shipped on the next business day. Backorders will be shipped when available.

Some situations may prevent speedy processing of your order after it is placed and will require contact with our team before shipment takes place. Examples of this are expired or incorrect credit card numbers, improper address information, etc.

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Terms Of Sale

Payment arrangements can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express. A credit card authorization form can be found on our website here. Any unsuccessful credit card chargeback will be assessed a $25.00 processing fee. Personal and company checks are also accepted and may be used with COD, Check by Fax, or sent in the US Mail as a prepayment prior to shipping. A $30.00 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks. If a line of credit is desired, please fill out the form on our website here. Please fill out and submit via email or fax to 800-234-7894.

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Check By Fax

Check By Fax is a simple, easy way to keep your records correct and up to date. Here is an outline of how it works:

  • Your business places an order.
  • After the order is placed, accounting verifies the history on the account, and looks for any prior invoices still awaiting payment.
  • After accounting approves the release of the order it is shipped, minus any back orders of course.
  • The following day, you will be faxed your invoice.
  • Check By Fax terms require you to remit payment (as outlined below) within twenty-four hours of receiving the faxed invoice copy.

We ask when you receive the invoice, please tape your signed check for the amount in the middle of the invoice and then FAX it back to us at (520) 295-9519. This will help us apply your payment to the correct invoice. If you are paying multiple invoices, please tape the check to one of the invoices, and in the memo field or on a cover letter, provide any additional invoice numbers you are paying.

Check By Fax invoices are due and payable upon receipt. If the terms are not upheld, your account may be at risk to be placed on hold.

Please be advised that this term is not considered an extension of credit. If you would like to apply for Net 30 terms with Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, please go to this page.

If you have any questions or concerns about your account, we encourage you to contact Horizon Spa and Pool Parts so any one in the accounting office can explain in more detail.

The Accounting Department
Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, Inc.

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Free and Flat Rate Shipping is available on qualified orders

• FREE FedEx Ground shipping on all orders over $699.99 within the 48 Contiguous States
• $10 FLAT RATE FedEx Ground shipping on orders from $500.00 to $699.99 within the 48 Contiguous States

Free ground freight is only available if the shipment goes by FedEx Ground. Due to the physical size, weight, or concern for damage if the items are shipped in standard packaging, Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, Inc. reserves the right to ship the order by common carrier without free freight. If eligible for Free Freight and you choose not to take advantage of the free ground freight option, the regular shipping program charges will apply.

All shipments are F.O.B. from our location.

If you choose COD as a payment option, the carrier's service fees (currently $20.00 per box), will be added to the total freight charge. Since COD represents the most expensive method of payment, you are strongly urged to consider other methods such as Check by Fax (Please see details here).

Shipments may at times be delivered late due to exceptions beyond the carrier's control such as inclement weather, no access to delivery location, and so on. In these cases, freight will not be refunded by the carrier or by Horizon. Service and handling fees will not be refundable in any case.

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Loss and Damage

Damage to product or packaging must be reported within five days of receipt of shipment to Horizon Customer Service at 1-888-409-0006.

Horizon does not take any responsibility for orders shipped through the US Postal Service.

All shipments become the property of the dealer once picked up by the carrier. Damage to product or packaging must be reported within five days of receipt of shipment to Horizon's Customer Service Hotline at 1-888-409-0006. If a shipment is damaged, we strongly recommend documenting this fact at the time of receipt with digital photography so that Horizon may effectively advocate on your behalf with the carrier.

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Prices for products and labor are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to make adjustments to our price schedule without notice.

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Counter Sales

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. is a pool and spa parts distributor catering to the repair parts and equipment needs of service, repair, construction, and retail companies nationwide since 1992. We maintain warehouses in Tucson and Memphis and our professional staff conducts over 99.5% of our business over the phone, e-mail, or the Internet. Each workstation is set up to give our sales professionals instant access to information on all issues relevant to the field technician and is designed to allow us to partner with you, making your time in the field as efficient and profitable as possible. Thousands of dealers have taken advantage of this partnership and it has worked for them, no matter where in the world they are located. They have come to equate Horizon with great service, accurate information, and the parts they need.

For many years, Horizon has offered counter sales, which gave our local Tucson Metro Area dealers the chance to come in and go through the parts troubleshooting, ordering, and pickup process here at our facility. As we have embraced major technological advances, we have come to realize that we have not been able to continue giving the same kinds of product and technical support at the Will Call sales counter as we can over the phone, e-mail, and Internet. Counter sales do tend to be more resource intensive for both of us and we would like to help you be as productive and profitable as possible while at the job site - this means being in touch with you by phone, email, and the Internet. Let's look at some ways that we can help you, a local Tucson Metro Area dealer, maximize your field repair efforts:

  • NEXT DAY FREE SHIPPING throughout the Tucson and Memphis Metropolitan areas. When you order your parts by Noon, you will have your parts delivered to you the NEXT BUSINESS DAY, whether it is at your office or your job site.
  • A PHONE CALL FROM THE JOB SITE will put you in touch with one of the finest technical sales teams ever assembled in the pool and spa industry. Our Technical Sales team can be reached at 800-874-7727 and our Technical Services team can be reached at 866-601-7404. Both teams are available M-F 6am-5pm (Arizona Time) and will be happy to answer your technical questions, verify inventory, and reserve your parts for FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY to your place of business or to your job site.
  • DO YOU NEED A PART MATCHED? Take one or several photos of your repair situation with your camera phone and transmit to us via email to matchparts@horizonparts.com. Then call us from that job site and discuss the photos you sent. We will advise you on identity, price, stock status, and any needed installation information. This can be done very quickly as you will be able to remain at the job site, you can be much more responsive to your customer, and you can bill for a higher percentage of your time.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR WEB SITES! We have the industry's most advanced websites packed with information relevant to your repair situation. You can access this resource from your field laptop, tablet, or your cell phone. Take advantage of our comprehensive Technical Library, view real time pricing and stock information, and even place your order for FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY to your office or job site. This resource is yours to use 24hrs a day and you don't even have to leave your customer's back yard!


WHAT IF I NEED A PART TODAY? Not a problem! Sometimes things happen and you have to get a customer up and running today. Call us from the job site immediately, and discuss your situation with our technical sales team. They will prepare your order and will have it ready for you within 1-2 hours after you call. Then come to us, pick up your order, and be back on your way to your customer. Since our order processing system is necessarily geared towards Internet and phone sales, you may find that it may be slower at the Will Call Counter than the point of sale methods used in the past. So, if you need changes made to your order while at the Will Call Counter, please understand that it may take an hour to process those changes. Of course, we will do our best to make it faster, and we hope that you will understand and that you will do as much to take advantage of our phone and web resources as possible.

Will Call Hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. WILL CALL IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM OUR TUCSON WAREHOUSE


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Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. respects your right to privacy and discloses this privacy statement so that you may be advised of what information we gather from you on this web site, how we gather it, and what we do with it after we gather it. We are honored by your decision to do business with us, for we know that you trust that we will take only that information we need, that we will use it in an honest and ethical manner, and that we will properly safeguard that information from other parties.

Two types of information are collected from you:

Active information

Active information offered to us such as your name, address, phone number, email address, financial information, and login/password information. This information is given to us when you register and log in as a dealer at www.horizonparts.com and then proceed to order products and services from us. We ask you only for that information which is necessary to fully process and keep a historical record of your transactions.

Passive information

Passive information is collected without your active input when you visit our website. This includes the use of various kinds of tracking technologies such as cookies and single-pixel GIFs which record your computer's IP address, your ISP, and a record of the pages you visited on our website during your last visit. These cookies and single-pixel GIFs do not track activity on websites other than our own.

How is the information we collect from you used?

We use your information to make sure that your shipments arrive consistently at the proper destination and that we have the means to properly communicate with you when there is a need to do so. We might have a need to contact you about your shipment or your account and we might also want to advise you of new products and services available from our company. We also track what parts of our website are used the most in an effort to bring you the most beneficial content possible. We will make the information we collect available to outside parties when we have to contract with them to facilitate our business transactions with you. Examples of such parties might be Federal Express, United Parcel Service, the US Post Office, our credit card processing vendor, and our website administrators. We also might be legally compelled to share this information with various law enforcement and other governmental agencies whose lawful investigations require it.

WE WILL NOT give or sell your information to outside third parties for purposes of market research, advertising campaigns, or other activities not related to supporting your business transactions with us.

You have a choice!

All web browsers have an option that allow you to prevent our use of cookies and single-pixel GIFs. Please note that disabling these tracking tools may cause our websites to be less interactive and useful for you. If you allow the cookies and single-pixel GIFs to be used (which is the default setting in most browsers), the passive information described above will be collected. Many areas of our website are restricted to legitimate dealers who have signed up for a login ID and password. If you maintain a current login ID and password with us, we have collected the active information and will use it in the manner described above until you expressly request in writing that we deactivate your Web Account. As a legitimate customer, by creating, submitting, and paying for products and services on this website, you are allowing us to collect financial information about you and your company and are allowing us to contact you by mail, phone, fax, or email regarding matters that pertain to our business relationship.

Access to your information

With the proper login ID and password, you have access to your account information and transaction history. Through this website, you have the ability to change basic account information such as your contact name, billing address, shipping address, and credit card number. If you find errors in your transaction history or have any concerns about our business relationship, you may contact us by email or phone using the information provided on the contact us page.

Security of your information

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. is dedicated to the security of the information we collect from you. We have employed the latest technology and procedures to make sure that your data is not compromised. For a more thorough explanation, please see our security policy.

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The websites www.horizonparts.com is the official websites owned and operated by Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. in Tucson, AZ. We consider the security of personally identifiable information provided to us of paramount importance. We use state of the art SSL encryption software and other security measures to protect against the loss, theft, alteration, and misuse of information under our control. Access to your information is strictly regulated, both in our facility and in those providing critical support services to us. These facilities are well secured and are not available to the public or to any non-authorized personnel of Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. or its business support partners.

In an effort to ensure you are connected to our secured servers, we strongly recommend you check the Address Bar of your web browser. You are connected to a secured server when the address starts with HTTPS, rather than an unsecured server address starting with HTTP.

We provide links to other websites, usually those with whom we have a close business relationship with. However, we do have any input or control over the privacy and security policies of these websites. You should take every precaution to read the privacy and security policies of these websites before sending them any sensitive information.

Security is everyone's responsibility. While we employ a considerable amount of resources in making sure your web experience with us is safe, secure, and profitable, we also encourage you to make sure the security settings on your computer are up to date, including firewalls and the detection of spyware, malware, and viruses.

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Credit Card Security

Credit card security improved in 2010. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) group created guidelines to safeguard your credit card information. Credit cards are not stored at Horizon offices. Customers that wish to use credit cards can manage them during checkout. Card information is stored in an electronic vault approved by the credit card processor. These changes took effect in October 2010.

Warranty & Returns

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Statement Of Warranty

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. will honor the original manufacturer's warranty on the products it sells. Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. assumes no liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from the improper use of or malfunction of an item we sell. Our liability is limited specifically to the replacement of defective parts as provided by the manufacturer's warranty. We will examine merchandise you send to our facility for warranty as per the requirements of the manufacturer. We will look at such things a date of original sale, product date codes, chemical or physical damage, and evidence of unreasonable use. Parts with physical damage are not considered warrantable. If you receive damaged goods, please notify our customer service department immediately. Do not use or install physically damaged parts, as they will not be returnable. The final determination as to if the product is warrantable will be made by the manufacturer or by Horizon as the manufacturer's agent. All warrantable items will be credited to your account, or replaced with a like item. In some cases, the replacement item will be a repaired and reconditioned unit. Items determined not to be warrantable will be returned to the dealer and the dealer will be liable for any payment of replacement parts that were previously sent to support the Warranty.

Pentair TradeGrade and Ecommerce Warranty

Ecommerce (EC) products: Products purchased from an Authorized Pentair Online Reseller (products beginning with EC-) receive a one (1) year (parts only) warranty from the date of purchase. The exceptions are: IntelliChlor cells and IntelliFlo SVRS pumps which receive a two (2) year warranty. EC products are not eligible for the bundled three (3) year extended warranty.

TradeGrade products must be purchased from a retail store (brick & mortar), pool builder or pool service company to receive a one-year, two-year or three-year warranty. If purchased online will only receive a sixty-day limited warranty.

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Return Policy

We offer returns for items within 30 days of the date of the invoice for manufacturer’s defects, product that was ordered incorrectly, or product that was shipped incorrectly. We must be informed within five days of product receipt of any shipping discrepancies. 

Under no circumstances will special order products be accepted for return unless there is a manufacturer defect. Returned merchandise must be in resalable condition. Product that you no longer need or product that you ordered incorrectly may be subject to a 25% restocking charge.

Return Process

  1. Get a RMA number. 
    1. For returns within 30 days of the invoice, go to our Invoice History and RMA page here. Select the proper invoice and click on the Start RMA button.
    2. For warranty and manufacturer’s defects, call our Customer Service Team at 888-409-0006.
  2. Package your RMA goods for return.
    1. Properly package your return to prevent any damage. Put your RMA number on the outside of the box or on the shipping label. Ship your return with a method that can be tracked and save your tracking number. Insure your return when shipping it if the value is over $100.00. Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged returns.
  3. Return your RMA goods in a timely manner.
    1. We require that you send the product to us within 15 days after we issue the RMA. Product sent to us with a RMA number older than 15 days will not be accepted.

Send your RMA goods to:

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc.
Attn: Returns
3120 E. Medina Road
Tucson, AZ 85756

Copyright Policy


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These policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. These policies and procedures replace and supersede any previous policies and procedures, in any form.

Website Hosting

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Website Hosting

EC Internet manages Azure Hosting for HorizonParts.com. Support@ECInternet.com Support (888) 771-9020